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How do I become a subscriber to InforME services?
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The State of Maine offers eGovernment services so that you can interact with state government ONLINE instead of waiting in line. Some are free while others are associated with a fee or require a subscription.

How to Subscribe to InforME
List of All Free and Fee Services

Current subscription services:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Important information regarding the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

  • Interactive Driver's License Records
    Search the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles database for driver record information by license number or name and birth date. Includes commercial licenses.
  • Interactive Title Records
    Search the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles database for title information by VIN number or title number.
  • Interactive Registration Records
    Search the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles database for vehicle registration information by plate number.
  • Driver CrossCheck
    Automatically receive notification about changes in the driving records of your employees.
  • Driver Cross Check demonstration
  • Over Limit Permits
    Online application that gives you the ability to apply for Over Limit Permits from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Applications are subject to review by the BMV. Permits that may be obtained through this application are as follows: Single trips only within the State of Maine and Non-divisible loads.

Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions

  • Interactive Corporate Services
    Search the database of Corporate filings. Basic corporate information is available free of charge. Copies of original filings, including articles of incorporation, annual reports, etc. are available, as well as certificates of existance. All copies may be certified.
  • UCC Online - The Total UCC Solution
    All UCC search and filing services now available online! Search the database of Uniform Commercial Code filings, retrieve reports of filings and images of original documents, or file online. Certified copies also available.
  • Annual Reports Online
    Allows businesses and non-profit corporations to file their annual reports online. No longer is it necessary to complete and mail in a paper form. A simple step-by-step process is completed online and the report is automatically filed with the State.
  • Designation of Trustee Process
    Allows financial institutions and credit unions to file an initial or renewed designation. This service also includes a free search to obtain designated officer information.

Please call or email to request any CEC bulk database services.

    • Corporate bulk database; updated monthly.
    • UCC bulk database; updated monthly.
    • Trade Mark and Service Mark bulk database; updated monthly.

Bureau of Identification

  • Public Criminal Record Request
    Online request for criminal history information based on subject's
    name and date of birth. Most search results will be returned via e-mail
    within two hours. If your search results are not returned within twelve
    hours, then your inquiry may be one that requires manual intervention.
    Search results for inquiries that require manual intervention may be
    delayed for up to twelve weeks.

Maine State Police

Do you have questions about your account? Contact a customer service representative at:

      Information Resource of Maine
      45 Commerce Drive, Suite 10
      Augusta, ME  04330
      877.212.6500 toll free
      207.621.9950 fax


      We look forward to hearing from you!

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